For the Love of Winter!

Hey Guys!
How many of you just love Winter?! Well… I’m one of you too! I love everything about it. The cold Floor , Hot Chai , Hot Cocoa , Chill Breeze while riding , Longer Nights , Christmas , Santa Claus , Gifts , New Years  etc etc… But the best part about it are the Snuggly clothes and I for one , love winter and Summer Clothing just as much , sometimes makes me miss the other season and I end up wearing Summer Clothes in Winter and Vice versa… Crazy… Yes… I know!
So I got 4 looks / Outfits done for this Winter from the clothes that have been lying in my wardrobe , for a while now! But these clothes just don’t go out of style and are some Must -Haves of this season.
Okay so with no further delay.. Here you go guys! 4 kick-ass looks !
Biker- Babe
Why should Boys have all the Fun?!
Outfit Deets:
Leather Jacket – Forever 21
Aviators – Bandra , Mumbai
Watch – Titan
Faux Leather Pants – KOOVS
Basics T-shirt – Bandra , Mumbai
Comfort meets Sexy 
Because a Lil Sexy never hurt anybody!
Outfit Deets:
Pants – Bandra , Mumbai
Suede Boots – Forever 21
Ripped-back Top – Bandra , Mumbai
Bracelet – Colaba , Mumbai
Watch – Titan
Formal Appeal
A true Boss Babe!
Outfit Deets :
Maxi Slit Skirt – Fbb
Suede Boots – Forever 21
Turtle neck – Honey
Watch – Titan
Earrings – Bandra , Mumbai
 Bohemian Winters
That’s how the Bohemians did it and I love it!
Outfit Deets:
Poncho – Grandma’s (Borrowed)
Faux Leather Leggings  – KOOVS
Fur Ankle Boots – Myntra
Bag – Malad , Mumbai
These clothes are a mixture of sexy and winter. My kind of mixture ! Hahaha..
I would also like to Thank the people in Waffles Thru the Day , Knk road for letting us shoot there and for making Yummy Waffles!
Also I thank my friend Shriram Gopalakrishnan for letting me use his bike and for helping me shoot these outfits on a short notice!
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Until next time have a Fun Fashionable Day ahead! :*

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