NY 2K17

Hey guys!
The most awaited time of every year is its end. Why? For several reasons like the end of a good year and the beginning of something even better. The New Year means several things to several people. It can mean new beginnings parties etc etc. But as it is an exciting time of the year it is also a time of stress. Yes , Stress on what to wear and the emotions of I-HAVE-NO-CLOTHES is very high during the last week of December.
So here I am again.. 4 super easy and Cliche outfits that will make you look effortlessly glam in minutes. In these series of outfits I’ve stayed constant on two things mostly :
1. Lipstick Shade – Maybelline Colour Show – Shade Bold Crimson and
2. Heels – Mochi – Roadies Edition
These 4 outfits are just very simple and don’t require much work . They are pieces of clothing that many of already have or are easily available.
So here it goes:
Little Dress/ Little Black Dress (LBD):
Outfit Deets:
 Earrings – A Gift
Dress – Thailand
Comfy n Chic
 Outfit Deets:
 Top – Fig
Leggings – Ekaika
Black Boss Babe
 Outfit Deets:
 Top – AND
Trousers – H&M
Choker – H&M
Bodysuit in Disguise
 Outfit Deets:
 Body suit – H&M
Trousers – H&M
Choker – H&M
These clothes are a mixture of fun and Comfort. My kind of mixture ! That’s all for now. See you guys next year. Hahaha.. Wish you guys a Happy New Year! :*
I would also like to Thank the people in Waffles Thru the Day , Knk road for letting us shoot there and for making Yummy Waffles!
Also I thank my friend Shriram Gopalakrishnan for helping me shoot these outfits on a short notice!
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 Until next time have a Fun Fashionable Day ahead! :*

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