Chase Dreams!

Hey Guys!
This Blog is a tribute to every girl who ever got shammed because she was too fat or too thin, too short or too tall, too boring or too bold! This is to let you know that you can be whoever the hell you want to be.
I am a girl from a Middle Class Orthodox Brahmin Family from Chennai, but I am very passionate about Fashion and Empowering people. So here I am doing everything in my capacity to reach my Dream. Yes, it can be difficult at times and I am no superhero, I do want to just delete everything and go into hiding sometimes but then, there is a force in everybody that drives us. I remind myself that this, as little as it is, Is Mine. So pay heed to nobody, people will talk no matter what you do, you might as well hear it doing what you love right? I’m not a preacher I merely just do what I love and believe in empowering everyone else to do the same.
So go be you!
All you women out there,don’t think of other women as your competition reach out and pull them up. We have bigger battles to fight.
All you men out there, be it a Father , a Husband , a Brother, a Best friend , a Grandfather , an Uncle , a Boyfriend or even a Guardian for that matter. If you support the women in your life and accept her for who she is, help her rise above irrespective of what society says and trusts her decisions, then give yourself a good pat on your back and feel proud because you are all one of a kind. We say Thank You!
Okay now empowering aside, for today’s blog I am wearing House Of Chase, a brand which believes in the Minimalist Approach. If you want to slay a look in the most simple way head to House Of Case. You can order goods online through 
Check out their Instagram page for some cool outfits.
For more details on where I got the shoes and how, check out my latest YouTube video where I Yapp about this.
In case you need more convincing check out the outfit I paired. A very easy way to pair the most simple pieces to give you the Bold Bawsee Look!
Outfit Deets:
Mesh Top – House of Chase
Mini Skirt – House of Chase
Thigh length Boots – Forever 21
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Here Celebrating all you wonderful women out there from the kitchen sink to the wall street, Happy Women’s Day.
Until next time have a Fun , Fashionable day ahead! :*

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