la vie

Flame of the Eye.

There is something about the eyes don’t you think?

The vast ocean of emotions in the form of Micro-Expressions, right on its surface.

Who said men were stone hearted or emotionless one must simply understand their ways of expressing things, the one emotion hub they can’t hide, their eyes.

That look, the softness of his eyes when he looked at her

The distant sparkle is nothing but a Dazzling flame burning with desire lit by his enchanting love.

Through good and evil, it lay ablaze.

It was her lighthouse when she was lost, she would spot the flame she recognised and it kept her warm.

Fire is strong but is no match for rain let alone a blizzard.

As she spoke the arrows carved out of the sharpest ice darted through words of destruction.

Nothing is more painful than watching the last ray of the flickering flame, dying, struggling for its last breath.

Hey Guys, you may wonder why I am writing the above bit. It was just a low moment or two and I beleive in penning my feelings down now more than ever. It happens in all our lives nobody is entirely happy all the time and so I just wanted to share it with all of you reading this.

Another thing I do when I feel low is dress up, it makes me feel good about myself and helps me get work done.

Also, If you guys have read my travel blog there was a hint of my 3rd tattoo. This is also a post revealing that. I relate Fire to a Phoenix which I believe is my spirit animal and hence these pictures. Hope you guys liked it. Do let me know what you do when you feel low!




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