The Kalamkari Flow feat Shuba Jagan Designs 

Hey Guys,

How are you today?! Its past hump day and this week has been super busy. Its a hard balance between Classes, College work, Promotions and posting blogs. But its a bend I’m willing to make. I may be loosing out on a normal social life but atleast I got you guys. Haha!

So this post is a collaboration with Shuba Jagan a well known Chennai Entrepreneur known for her monthly exquisite exhibitions, PEHENAVA, the 17th Edition.

You may ask as to what is so special about these exhibitions to which I tell you, Chennai’s exhibitions and Pop-ups are a way of bringing the various small scale and upcoming brands to a light thats their own, that helps them showcase their skills and it highly promotes women entrepreneurship! PEHENAVA is one such exhibition that brings together various talents under one roof!

This time Shuba Jagan has her own talent to showcase, she has a collection of beautiful Kalamkari Maxis that she designed herself! This post is in Collaboration with Shuba Jagan Designs! The dresses are light and flowy and are perfect for a sunny day out!

Without futher ado, here we go.

Buddha Print Maxi

I’ve styled this Buddha print maxi with a brown belt, a sling bag and a pair of beige pumps to complete the look!

Chinese Collar Dress

I’ve styled this Chinese Collar dress with a Big round earings, an antique watch and my beige pumps again!

Elephant print Maxi

I’ve styled this Elephant Print Maxi with a scarf, a belt, big silver earings and a pair of white flats!

Aren’t these a work of art?! I love them too! Chennai residents you are in luck, drop by to this edition of PEHENAVA on the 8th and 9th of September from 11 am – 8 pm at The Humming Room, Khadar Nawaz Khan Road!

Dont forget to follow Shuba Jagan and Shuba Jagan Designs on Instagram for more updates!

Until next time have a Fun, Fashionable day ahead!




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