The Navrathri Tales

Hey Guys,

Happy Navrathri!  I just survived my Internal Exams, Final year is exhausting but the final countdown it is motivating. 7 more months till I wont have to look a books for exams anymore. Well after 17 years one could only hope!

But all that aside Navrathri is such a happy and radiant time! One thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear Navrathri is obviously Garba. The energy, the music, the colors, the blitz its sensational! Then again the typical what do I wear dilemma hits us like a truck! One can never go wrong in the traditional Chaniya Choli or Gaghra but if yo want to go for alternates here are a few.

For all those of you  guys who follow the colour codes its wise to have some primary colors in your ethnic wardrobe collection in small amounts if you are not a fan of all the colors! It also depends on how much you want to dress up and here are a few for every category of you! From dressing up to dressing down to dressing quirky I got you covered for this Navrathri season!

A Designer Saree 

Designer Net sarees like what I am wearing screams Navrathri with all the work on it and the multiple colors! I got this saree from Kesar, Mumbai when I was in my 10th grade for my farewell! Its available in a lot of places like Kalanikethan in Chennai.

I haven’t styled with many accessories because the saree is loud as it is! I’ve just added a Jhumka and a simple bracelet. If you are not a saree person and still want to look all dressed up or if you are looking for a quirkier or simpler alternate keep scrolling!

Day 6 pic 1

Day 6 pic 2

The Lehenga Choli 

A Lehenga Choli is another beautiful option for all you dressy folks out there, they sway of it while dancing adds a lot of beauty too. Here again I’ve only work a heavy Jhumka but you could also add a good neck piece to this outfit! I love how bright and colorful this lehenga is. If you want a lighter alternative to the lehenga keep scrolling!

Day 1 pic 2

Day 1 pic 1

Lehenga with a twist! 

If you dont want to wear the lehenga with its Choli throw in a crop top of your desire or in this case a tank top. I did not want to go too loud by adding a huge neck piece but if you like it that way go ahead. It will work wonders! If you want a few quirky alternatives keep scrolling!

Day 2 pic 2

Day 2 pic 1

The Choli Fusion 

Throw on a traditional Choli, its dupatta and a pair of jeans fasten it with a silver belt and here is what you get! A quirky Navrathri ensemble!

Day 3 pic 3

Day 3 pic 2

The Dupatta Cape Coat! 

This is one of my favourites. It works great for everyone who just want to go from college or office to the dance floor without much hassle. Just throw on this Dupatta Cape Coat and you are good to go. I learnt how to do this from a Youtube Video of GLAMRS and it was an Instant Crush! If you want to know how to achieve this look check out this link and subscribe too they have some really cool hacks – 5 Navrathri Outfits

Just throw this cape on a nice tank top add a nice ear – ring and you are good to go!

Day 5 pic 3

Day 5 pic 2

The Indo – Western Saree 

This Bandhani Dupatta is my favorite. Wear a tank top or a crop top and drape the dupatta like a saree and throw in your favorite pair of jeans. You are good to go! If you want some thing less quirky and more simple scroll down for more!



The Embellished Short Kurti! 

For all those of you who are working and have to go to the dance floor right after work just throw on a kurti with work on it and some silver jewelry!



The Colorful Kurti 

One can never go wrong with multiple colors during Navrathri , just wear a colorful kurti with some silver jewelry and there you go!

Day 4 pic 2

Day 4 pic 1

The Jacket

This is by far the simplest way to look fab and blend in with the crowd just add a colorful waist jacket with some silver jewelry and you are ready to dance!



How do u guys like it? Do u guys have better outfit ideas? Do let me know in the comments below. Until next time Have a Fun and Fabulous Navrathri!




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