The New Pantene Oil Replacement

Hey Guys,

Hope you are having a good week.

I have been super excited about this Campaign for quite some time now and its finally here!

Let me start with a few questions,

How many times have you in your childhood ran away or hid from your mother when she comes to you with oil in her hands?

How many times have you felt like a “Champu” when you went to school with oily hair?

How many of you shy away from oiling during and after college?

How many of you wished there was something other than oil that gave you the same nutrition but were less greasy?

Well the genie heard your wish! Behold, The Pantene Oil Replacement! It gives you all the reasons to get excited and it’s something we have all wished for at some point of our lives!

The Pantene Oil Replacement solves today’s problems with today’s solutions! It gives you the multiple benefits of natural oil without the inconvenience! It has the Pro-V and goodness of oil and gives you 2X Stronger hair hassle free!

I got my hands on the product a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. It can be used on just 3 simple steps!

1.Rub a walnut size of the Pantene Oil Replacement between the palm of your hands.


2. Starting from the top distribute it evenly through your hair along the length. You don’t have to rinse your hair after.


3. Style your hair as usual and you are ready to go. It is recommended to be used before combing, blow-drying, sun & salt water exposure.


Isn’t that simple?

The product is a creamy substance and almost disappears once applied! My hair seemed softer and shinier but not greasy which is perfect for a college student like me. The formula didn’t greasy up with time either. My Mother didn’t believe that I had any amount of oil in my hair, I had to make her use the product, so she would, and Boy was that some struggle. I found her sneaking some product the other day, so I guess she’s good with it too! Ha-ha.

Also, can we also take a minute to appreciate the fragrance? It smells like a berry smoothie (It gets me hungry when I use it!) which again is another plus because often our hair has the pungent greasy smell when we oil our hair. Now, I have had the time to use the product on multiple occasions like before going to bed, before a semester exam, for a movie date, before a girl’s night and I didn’t hesitate for a minute to let my hair loose and have fun!


I personally love the product, the texture, the fruity smell and how my hair looks after usage! I am having a good time and there are absolutely no hassles of sticky hair or hands. I don’t have to tie my hair or put it up in a bun or feel insecure about the way I look. Now, Oil day is just another good hair day and I’m loving it! Still don’t believe me? Try it for yourselves!

Until next time, Have a Fun Fashionable Day ahead!




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